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Lumpia (3Pieces)

Vegetable Egg Roll with plum dipping sauce. $5.95

Lumpia Shanghai (Served 10 Pieces)
(Cocktail size egg rolls) Made with pork or chicken with shrimps and blended with Mayettes special seasonings. Served with plum dipping sauce $5.95

Crispy Chicken Wings (6 Pieces) $7.95 (12 pieces) $11.95

Marinated and breaded using Mayettes special spice recipe.

Camaron Rebosado
Breaded shrimps with breaded vegetables Served with dipping sauce. $10.95

Shrimp Rolls (12 Pieces) Served with plum dipping sauce $10.95

Ukoy Deep fried breaded vegetables with shrimps (2 Pieces) $8.95


Wonton (Large bowl) $6.95 (Medium bowl) $4.95

Ground pork/chicken with shrimps and spices

Dishes below are made with rice water, blended with Tamarind fruit

and served with vegetables

Sugpo (Jumbo size shrimps) $11.95

Hipon (Regular size shrimps) $10.95

Baboy (Pork) $10.95

Bangus (Milk fish) $10.95

Tinola (Chicken simmered and flavoured with Ginger, Papaya, or Chayote) $10.95


Ampalaya Con Carne or Con Hipon

Bitter melon sautéed in tomatoes, onions, garlic and topped with lean meat or shrimps. $11.95

Inihaw na Talong

Broiled egg plant served with tomatoes, onions, and “bagoong alamang” (Shrimp paste). $6.95

Tortang Talong (Omelet)

Broiled egg plant  with sautéed ground pork, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and green peas then wrapped and fried in beaten egg. $10.95


Blend of market fresh vegetables, egg plant, squash, bitter melon and green long beans. $10.95

Kare Kare

Oxtail sautéed in ground roasted rice and peanuts, garnished with a variety of market fresh vegetables and served with homemade

“bagoong” (Shrimp paste). $12.95

Menudo (Pork Stew)

Sautéed pork cubes with potato, green peas, carrots and red pepper blended in tomato sauce. $11.95

Adobo Chicken (Manok) or pork (Baboy)

or mix of both marinated in vinegar, spices and garlic. Philippines’ national dish. Internationally famous and featured in newspapers, magazines and on Television countless times. $11.95

Caldereta (Beef Stew)

Prime beef  pieces sautéed in garlic, onions, spices and mixed with potato, red pepper, and blended with tomato paste. $11.95

Fried Chicken

Thigh and leg pieces marinated, battered using Mayette’s special mix of spices 8 pieces. $12.95

Chef’ Suggestions served with Steamed Rice


All Time Favorites


Fine rice noodles cooked with Mayette’s special spices and sauce and served with pork/chicken, shrimp and/or as a vegetarian dish. $11.95


Egg noodles cooked with pork, chicken, shrimp or vegetables. $11.95


Palabok noodles cooked with shrimp sauce and garnished with green onions, shrimps and sitsaron (Crunchy  pork rind). $11.95


BBQ Skewers (Pork 3 Skewers )

Pork, Vegetables, marinated with Mayette’s secret sauce recipe. $7.50

BBQ Skewers (Chicken 3 Skewers)

Chicken, Vegetables, marinated with Mayette’s secret sauce recipe. $9.95

Lechon Kawali

Side bacon deep fried until crispy, served with Mayette’ special homemade sauce. $10.95

Crispy Pata (Deep fried pork hocks)

Served with Mayette’s special homemade sauce. $11.95

Rice Dishes

Steamed Plain white. $2.50

Fried Rice with garlic. $6.50

Fried Rice with shrimps and vegetables. $10.95

Fried Rice with chicken or pork and/or vegetables. $10.95

Seafood Specialties



(Steamed) and seasoned for perfection. $9.95

Inihaw (Grilled)

Served on a bed of lettuce. $9.95

Inihaw (Pan fried)

with garlic and green peppers. $10.95

Tilapia Fish

Inihaw (Grilled)

Served with rice and vegetables. $10.95

Pinirito (Fried)

Served with rice and vegetables. $10.95


Fried Tilapia Sautéed with garlic, ginger, onions and tomatoes combined with scrambled eggs.$10.95

Mussels (Seasonal)

Sautéed with garlic and ginger Served with topping of green onions. $10.95


Inihaw Grilled BBQ Style. $11.95

Adobo style

Sautéed with garlic, spices, onions, tomatoes. $11.95


Breaded and deep fried. $11.95

Bangus (Milk fish)

Inihaw (Grilled medium size). $12.95

Daing Bangus

Milk fish filleted, marinated in vinegar and spices, deep fried served with rice and vegetables. $12.95

Salmon Steak

Inihaw (BBQ Style)

Served with rice and vegetables. $13.95

Inihaw Fried in Butter

Served with rice and vegetables. $13.95


Gourmet  coffee, tea, hot chocolate. $1.95

Soft Drinks  (Cans). $1.95

Juice drinks (Or as priced). $2.95

Original Philippines Dessert

Leche Flan

Custard covered in caramel sauce $5.95

Turon (Banana fritters)

With sweet coconut topping (3 pieces) $5.95

Mais Con Hielo

Sweet corn with shaved ice and evaporated milk $5.95

Cassava Cake

From the family of yams $4.95

Halo Halo (mix–mix)

Internationally famous Philippines dessert Very refreshing dessert of a variety of exotic fruits,shaved ice, ice cream, yam and milk $5.95

Gulaman at Sago

Tapioca and jelly topped with shaved ice and brown sugar $4.95



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